Emma Kay



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Studying Journalism and Creative Writing at Roehampton University, the work was pretty hardcore. The focus was on the “wordy” hand, not the “visual eye” so I was desperate to find a relaxing hobby.

Falling into the typical Sherlock fangirl mould, I followed an actor called Benedict Cumberbatch (ever heard of him?) into the National Theatre to see Frankenstein in 2011. It was like a light bulb moment; I really can’t describe the feeling as I sat there limp in my seat. Cumberbatch withering on the stage, bursting from a dirty sheeted womb, and then pranced around to the Underworld’s Dawn of Eden (my future wedding song!) naked.

Achieving my first class degree and skipping to 2015, I wanted to continue writing. I exchanged my “love” for the Cumberbatch, for the theatre. Cue the messy birth of my blog. Focusing on Hello Emma Kay and my creative work, I constantly explore the world of theatre.

Being dyslexic, theatre grants me the freedom to watch without the need for words or a loud voice. I save that stress for blogging.  I am an extremely open individual, who is unashamed of sharing my past struggles and likes to vocalise the message for others.

Surviving my rebellious teens, I want to vent my childhood memories and express those emotions within a supportive arts community. Knowing my work will be seen and my message will be heard is always comforting and boosts the creative spirit.

I enjoy working with other creative individuals, who are passionate about the arts as we are the future generation and our collaboration is key for the industry’s survival. My theatre reviews are not planned to critique but used to reminisce and dramatically express the life of me, Emma Kay.

My past projects/collaborations include:

  • National Lottery Good Causes Ambassador here
  • Part of the London Theatre Blogger Community here
  • Young Champion for Time to Change
  • Member of the Barbican Young Visual Arts Group here
  • Writer for Theatre South East here

I’m always looking for new adventures and projects! If you’ve got a show, I want to know. If not, it’s always a thrill and blessing to receive feedback so feel free to email me: helloemkrobertson@gmail.com