A Six Star Blast From The Past

Reading Six storm Edinburgh Fringe and then dominate my Twitter feed, I do feel what’s the point of writing about this show. Everyone already knows Six is the hottest theatre ticket in town, with many sold-out performances under its belt corset. Let’s face it – the show earns its crown for creativity. I don’t need to big up this show and convince you to buy a ticket, but to be invited to see Six, in the midst of their ever-growing popularity, is honestly a real honour and privilege.

It’s every blogger’s dream to see a show which is literally buzzing in the theatre world. Six excites the imaginative minds. Their vision to turn history into song is just… downright genius. This is what theatre is all about – finding a new voice and fresh talent and restoring a contemporary presence for performance. So here are my six reasons to watch Six …

  1. A blast from the past, Six uses music to make history noteworthy. Very similar to the vibes of Hamilton, it makes you listen up and this time pay attention. Gone were the days where your boring history teacher would read from textbooks and the whole class would sigh. It’s fine having the knowledge, but it’s the creative output to preach which is important. Adding voice to their silent portraits, Six retells Henry VIII’s ex-wives’ personal traumas with 21st-century sass. Their humour gives history a modern facelift. With fillers of energy and creativity, Six takes each wife in turn to spear at their suffering, but to establish their right to express. Touching on a raw emotionally charged subjects, Six knew when to change its tune from comedy to reflection, and this was the perfect curtsey.
  1. As Beyonce would say “Who run the world? Girls!” Yes! Shout out to Six’s girl power. It was so refreshing to watch an all female cast rock it on the stage, including their ladies-in-waiting aka the musicians. Expecting a surprise guest (Henry VIII) to storm the stage, these ladies totally owed their finest hour (and fifteen minutes). With a fierce attitude to voice their own stories, the show soon evolved from their “bitchy” competition to girl gang unity. Halting their song battle, Catherine Parr grounded their purpose to meet at the ex-wife social gathering – to fix their six broken souls and form one powerful voice.
Six Photo Credit: Idil Sukan
The Six Queens. Catherine of Aragon (Jarneia Richard-Noel), Anne Boleyn (Millie O’Connell), Jane Seymour (Natalie Paris), Anne of Cleves (Alexia McIntosh), Catherine Howard (Aimie Atkinson) and Catherine Parr (Maiya Quansah-Breed). Photo credit: Idil Sukan
  1. It’s 75 minutes long! For a theatregoer relying on the daily failure of the trains, this can be an incredibly rare find. Sometimes shows can simply drag their heels, prolonging tragedy or happiness, and the butt begins to hurt. But Six seems to understands we want our entertainment instant, after all, we lead busy lives. The show is a much-loved, fast food history lesson, but you’re so badly wanting to stay behind after class.
  1. Six screams the heart and soul of gifted theatre-makers. From the lighting to the costumes, everything has been signed, sealed, and stamped with theatre’s royal approval. With such a small stage, the Queens ambushed, lined up their fun personalities, and fired detailed lyrics with majestic voices. The small space provided this level of intimacy though in order to allow the Queens to get right up to your face and feel that chord. The thuds of glittery heels demanded they needed to be seen and heard.
  1. Expecting a “traditional” musical, Six is more like a concert. Every song has the flesh of meaning, but the meat of attitude. There’s no Princess vulnerability or tears from a pretty face, but a warrior’s call for battle and a confident smirked response from the joker. Competing for love from the audience, the Queens succeed with every word and lyric. They know they’re good and this is why I love Six. They don’t mellow on the yellow of a sob story but stamp all over the history books. Every lady on that stage psyched themselves to belt out the tunes of suffering and bravery. Like Little Mix’s Shout Out To My Ex, Six gave the two-fingered salute to Henry VIII.

  1. Six is the diamond in the theatre’s crown. Heading (no pun intended) home, I’ve never felt so sassy after a show. Yearning for the train to become a dance floor and gather some miserable looking workers on their commute as my backing dancers. The songs are addictive, especially “No Way”, “Get Down” and “All You Wanna Do”. You so badly want to become an ex-wife a Queen!

So is it possible to give six stars to Six? I’m ripping up the review rule book!

★★★★★★ The sassiest concert in theatre history. A must see show.

Book your tickets to see Six here. The show closes at the Arts Theatre on 14 October 2018, but continues on their tour!

A big thank you to Francois from London Box Office: londonboxoffice.co.uk

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