My Pre-Show with Primadonna

I interviewed Rosie Kellett (Writer and Performer) and Jamie Jackson (Director) about their show, Primadonna. Sounds like it’s going to be an interesting one…

Rosie has always been good at helping. From setting the table, to doing the weekly shop, organisation has always been her thing. Now she’s taken it to the next level, Rosie has become a PA. We see her navigate her way through impossible tasks, dietary requirements, travel itineraries, difficult conversations and a level of passive aggression that would put the Americans to shame. There’s glitter. There’s green juice. There’s colour coded post it notes. But above all, there is Rosie and she is here, to Personally Assist, you.

Primadonna, Vaults Festival

Why the title “Primadonna“? Was there a process of elimination?

Rosie: Yeah we had lots of shit options before we landed on this and I guess it just came out of the discussion we were having about what the show was about and the tone of it. It just felt right.

Is Primadonna a “Fight Song” for all the personal assistants out there? What’s your motive?

Rosie: No, not really. Its about more than that, I guess it’s for anyone who has ever worked for someone who doesn’t show them respect or values them and that can happen in any industry.

Would you encourage us to bring our bosses along to see Primadonna?

Rosie: Yeah for sure. Bring everyone.

What’s your favourite scene in Primadonna and why?

Jamie: There’s a scene with a lot of glitter that is a challenge technically but when it’s right, it’s very exciting.

Rosie: There’s another messy scene I really enjoy performing.

Primadonna Hello Emma Kay 2

Has there been any struggles or problems you’ve encountered creating this show?

Rosie: As with any fringe theatre, gathering funding can be a challenge, we’ve been lucky to work with such a brilliant producer and so that came quite quickly.

This isn’t your first time at The Vaults. Why do you love performing at this venue?

Jamie: The silent disco.

Rosie: I love working with Tim, Mat and Andy who are just the most helpful and supportive team.

Let’s talk about SKINT: sold out run, Pick of the Week and won Festival Spirit Award last year. Your reaction towards SKINT‘s success?

Jamie: Didn’t expect it to happen.

Rosie: Really amazing.

Jamie: Loved it.

With a fabulous team behind Primadonna, how do you all gel together? Any creative differences or do you all support and encourage individuality?

Jamie: Well my job as a director is to make sure we all gel together.

Rosie: And he’s very good at it. We’ve all had a great time, I’ve never laughed so much in a rehearsal room.

Primadonna Hello Emma Kay

How do you prep yourself before you take to the stage?

Rosie: Listen to Adele #WWAD (What Would Adele Do)

If you could choose one famous celebrity/creative to be in the audience, who would it be and why?

Jamie: Adele

Rosie: There’s been several arguments between our stage manager and our director, about whether Adele or Bey Bey is a better performer. So our stage manager would like Bey Bey to attend, please.

beyonce hello emma kay

Jamie: And I would like Adele, thanks.

adele hello emma kay.gif

What makes your show stand out from the rest at VAULT Festival 2016?

Rosie: The glitter

When reading your show’s reviews, do you take note and adapt the show in any way?

Jamie: I never read reviews, because I think they are for audiences to use. Also, I suspect if I did read them, I would end up altering the show based on what they said.

Rosie: I have only once read a review and I didn’t feel any worse or better about it so probably shan’t be reading them.

Opinion on theatre bloggers? (I won’t be offended!)

Jamie: I am quite technologically backward, so am not that clued up on blogs. But the ones I have read, are great. Ian Foster’s one, There Ought To Be Clowns, is particularly good.

Rosie: I don’t read them out of habit, but when I haven’t seen a show I try to get the script and read some reviews – to get a sense of what it was like.

Any final words for your audience?

Jamie: Come for a good time, have a drink beforehand, and prepare for a strong selection of Adele hits.

Rosie: What he said. And thanks for coming.

Primadonna Hello  Emma Kay 4

Buy your tickets for Primadonna here 17-21 Feb, 7.45pm, tickets: £12. If you can’t make the show, don’t panic I’m reviewing!

Big thanks to Desara Bosnja for making all the above happen!


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