Being a theatre blogger, I’m so honoured and blessed to receive many great show invitations. My inbox has been crammed full – exciting times ahead! I’ve also been shortlisted for the UK Blogs Awards…which is amazing, right? So I’m living the dream and I’m hoping my theatre fairy godmother will answer my theatre show wish list…*glass slipper not included


In the Heights salsas this much needed pick me up vibe. Feeling its rhythm of love, passion, hopes and dreams, I want to visit Washington Heights. Generations of community spirit runs rife, sizzling tongues spread triumphs of change and a bustling, lively neighbourhood cheer WELCOME. This hip hop musical has been jalapeno hot amongst reviewers so I’m confused how I missed out on this one. Loving the blasts of Latin American soul, urban coolness and breathless energy, I adore the glimpses of spoken word and rap. This musical shouts Boom, Boom, Pow and flame grills the celebration of life back into theatreland.

Have a look at In the Heights’ ticket availability and prices here


I’m constantly daring myself to see The Woman in Black. I often visit the theatre on my lonesome so I think I need a hand to hold for this one….not just a hand obviously! Terrifying West End for twenty-five years, their success clearly shows I was born to be a scaredy cat. Gulping at the haunted audience leaving the Fortune Theatre, I wonder whether this play permanently scars you from theatreland. Fearing the Dementor sucks the lively atmosphere, jests with frightening illusions and controlled horror, I fear I may jump out of my seat and bash into the circle with stars.

Have a look at The Woman In Black’s ticket availability and prices here

I’m going to see this musical on Monday so I’m slightly cheating with this one – at the National Theatre! As a modernised adaptation of Alice in Wonderland, the deadly combination of live theatre and digital technology always excites me. Exploring the complexities of a teenaged girl’s mind, I know this musical may conjure some déjà vu. I’ve already explored the dangerous “blurred boundaries between our online and offline lives” thanks to The Nether, but I’m intrigued by’s powerful and colourful creative visuals. With strangeness and surrealism guaranteed, I’m looking forward to experiencing my trip down the rabbit hole.

Have a look at’s ticket availability and prices here


Aladdin is one of my childhood crushes (I know how can you be in love with a cartoon character? *shrugs*) When I heard about this Disney blockbuster musical arriving in London and Dean John-Wilson and Jade Ewen will be playing the lead roles, it was Hallelujah to the theatre genie. Reviewing Songs for a New World at the St James Theatre, I nicknamed Dean John-Wilson as Mr Muscle and loved his “youthful attitude to the stage, expressing a sense of typical streetboy ego“… am I Mystic Meg or what? Disney’s Aladdin will hopefully open a whole new world to the West End. I just need to find my magic carpet.

Have a look at Aladdin’s ticket availability and prices here


You know when you are getting older when you see your favourite TV characters going grey! Friends’ legendary Chandler Bing Matthew Perry is back – just not on screen, but stage. Hurrah! *Falls off sofa and switches off light* The End of Longing is going to be an interesting one. The wanderings of four lost souls who are entering their forties prepares the fearful subject of ageing, but I am hoping there won’t be too many cliched age brackets. Described as a “sharply written and hilarious dark comedy“, I already applaud Matthew for starring and writing his very first play. Hopefully, The End of Longing will make Matthew’s day, week, month or ever his year!

Have a look at The End of Longing’s ticket availability and prices here


Les Miserables is not a miserable tale for me. This musical is where my serious theatre blogging life began. I would love to return to the Queen’s Theatre and witness this masterpiece for the second time. The depressing misery of 19th Century France is a theatrical beauty and you can read why here. What’s the point of being a Teletubby and pleading “again, again”? I was overwhelmed by the dramatic introduction into the world of musical theatre. I want to cast my year old blogger’s eye on Les Miserables  and sing along to my ultimate favourite tunes of Master of the House and I Dreamed A Dream. Don’t try this at home folks….

Have a look at Les Miserables’ ticket availability and prices here

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