Snog my blog!


The original plan was to meet up with fellow blogger, Rebecca Usher, for coffee. Observing each other’s blogs from afar, there was the need to knock the virtual Twitter handle for the reality of a human face. So the 30th May was booked to meet up with a blogger “stranger”.

Funnily enough, we discovered the Southbank Centre were hosting their “Web We Want” Festival and one of the speakers would be none other than Rebecca Felgate…Christmas had come early! Rebecca is like Joseph and her Technicolour Dreamcoat within the theatre blogging world and bloggers will always flock to her sermons (and to listen to her love of gin and cheese *Hey, ask her. Not me!*)


Cursing my delayed Crawley to London train, I arrived at the Southbank Centre just after 1pm. Meeting up with Rebecca, along with two more awesome blogger buddies Dani and Charlotte, we became a power group of 4.

Obsessed with the singing lift (Dani pressed buttons to all floors), we FINALLY reached the St Paul’s Pavilion and attended two talks, “Taking Your Blog to the Next Level” and “Why Blog?”.

It was very interesting to hear how bloggers evolved their social presence into full time jobs. I did have slight blogger envy, especially with the creator, Michael Zee, and his Symmetry Breakfast. Although I was intrigued by the idea of making money from blogging, I knew deep down this blog isn’t for my financial gain. I worry my love for the arts would die with sponsored content. Also, I would blur my blessings with business head full of cursing. To be completely honest with you, this blog is for me! Sometimes I struggle to remember my happy memories so this blog is the perfect antidote.

I must mention another inspirational speaker, Lulu Kitololo and her blog Afri-love. I totally understood what she was about – her happy spirit, amazing smile and honesty with “being shy”. The topic of sharing your vulnerable moments and creating self-affirming creative pieces made me recognise my power over this blog. I admit I have been scared about sharing my private life online, but I am beginning to embrace loving myself and not to be afraid of the world. Deeeeeeeeeeeeep!

chilli seedFor lunch, we went to Wahaca and enjoyed Guacamole, Burrito and Hibiscus water. Perfect summertime food! It was really lovely to sit within a Mexican shack along the Southbank and swap stories with other bloggers. From “Is it just me?” dating disasters, blogging highlights to Dani’s fancy camera, I had to pinch myself on this great day. The biggest joy about being welcomed into the blogging community is the love of networking, building new friendships and appreciating life with strangers, who soon become your friends. After paying, we were given a Chilli seed growing pack, which I’ve agreed to grow on the behalf of the group! So watch this space!

snog bus

Piece de resistance was the SNOG bus! Kinda reminded me of the Spice Girls’ bus (but without the union jack). The free frozen yogurt was AMAZING (the chocolate drops made an embarrassing stain on my jeans in the most unfortunate place and let’s just say I could have pooed myself with excitement). Sitting amongst a well-established crew of bloggers, it was a little bit daunting for a blog newbie. Networking with the blogger crew onboard, another highlight was being paired up with Katy! Katy has always inspired me to endorse this happy blogger spirit and the joy of sharing an adventure. I must admit I was a little star struck when I recognised who she was and tried my best not to sound “stalkerish”.


I would also like to point out that my little team, “Snog Marry Blog”, won the evening quiz, along with “Best Team Name *cough cough not competitive at all cough cough*….and the prize a complimentary SNOG!!  Big thanks to Talissa and Hannah who made the SNOG blogger event happen!

I got to say Saturday 30th May is filed under “Happy Blogger Moments xx” (or snog snog)

For those that missed the action, you can check out the Web We Want Twitter page as they’re sharing the talks on their Soundcloud channel and keeping the festival buzz alive.


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