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Young People in the Arts 

The people who decide what’s on: programming in the arts (Held at Century Club, london)

Speakers included: Geraldine Collinge (Royal Shakespeare Company), Louise Jefferys (Barbican), David Lan CBE (Young Vic) and Roger Wright CBE (Aldeburgh Music)

  • EXTEND your network: New audiences + New communities = Perfect ground for bouncing ideas
  • Key: Simply KNOW your audience
  • BUILD a global audience – get inspiration from ‘the other culture’
  • New work means NEW writing
  • Audience TRUST you – take audiences with you because you’ve gained their trust

    “My audience is ahead of me. Audiences are hungry for a challenge and new experiences” – David Lan

  • Audiences have been trained to FOLLOW
  • Base your VISION around new work and work with a community – this will continue your vision
  • Make it right for OUR times (it’s all about CONTEXT!)
  • You need to GAIN / EARN your audience’s trust to create new things
  • Try ‘re-imagining’ previous productions and TRANSFORM them – especially those undiscovered plays
  • Create an ENERGETIC, fun production
  • THINK: “What is new about this work?” “What/How is it challenging?” “What is the public expectation here?”
  • Managing a team you don’t know allows you to gain a better overview and it’s YOU, who has to adopt
  • RESEARCH the economics of your organisation, including the history of the building and your colleagues’ life stories within the workplace
  • Relying on other people strengthens the ALLIANCE 
  • Spend your time LISTENING – open up to their advice
  • Live on the edge of DOUBT
  • Your RESPONSIBLE for a different way of thinking
  • Your CUSTOMERS are the public, your colleagues and artists
  • The public VALUE you so how will you spend their money?
  • Remember:  REACH out to those who are struggling, such as GENDER, AGE, DISABILITY, CLASS etc
  • Visit places where they are different audiences, e.g. those in prison and care homes
  • It’s all about CONVERSATION – “Who are you talking to?”

     “Networking is not only looking towards London”- David Lan

  • Concern regarding the audience’s concentration span – “The Curse of the Remote Control”, “The Flock to the Familiar”, “Follow what you know”, “Nugget Sized Portions”
  • Accept these ‘nugget sized audiences’, who aren’t ready to hear about the unfamiliar or IMMERSE within the arts, find ways to reach out e.g. Google, Twitter and other social media
  • Create your COMMUNITY HUB, where ALL are welcomed- SHARE and STRETCH your content
  • Keep your audience OPEN – let them be CURIOUS
  • You must become BRAND LEADERS – the right people leading the right content

    Audiences want “power showers rather than warm baths” – Roger Wright

  • Capture this sense of DISCOVERY and curiousity
  • This is your OPPORTUNITY to immerse your audience, especially those within education
  • Move away from COMPETITION and towards COLLABORATION
  • It’s all about being BRAVE and making mistakes
  • Don’t let your mistakes hold you back

Check out more YPIA events here 


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