Let It Be! My Fab Four Stars…

After receiving some disappointing news, I needed a dose of cheer-me-up medicine for a hard day’s night. With my plea for help, Nurse Rebecca Felgate from Official Theatre prescribed me with the perfect antidote – a ticket to ride with the London Theatre Bloggers gang to see the opening night of Let It Be at The Garrick Theatre, London. Knowing the theatre never fails to bring a smile to my face, I knew some Beatles’ goodness would sweeten my emotionally wrecked day. After all, all you need is love for the theatre, right?

let it be


I am not a massive Beatles’ fan and my lack of  song knowledge would make you wonder why I went in the first place. Funnily enough, the only Beatles’ song I truly love is “Let It Be“. The lyrics are simply beautiful and sum up a day in the life of Emma perfectly. Sometimes when we travel down the long and winding road, we desperately cling onto yesterday‘s hope and make hasty decisions rather than simply “letting it be”. Perhaps, it’s also the religious reference to Mother Mary, which always creates this peaceful mental image of just the two of us. To give peace a chance, the song has always helped me to relax and provide much needed comfort and an answer towards the testing times.

Before the start of the show, GET THIS….we were ENCOURAGED to take photographs, videos and shine our phone lights (which kind of killed the pretence of existing within the 1960s, but HEY JUDE! It was a night to be enjoyed). Getting into the habit of snapping away without a moany usher present made me feel like a naughty schoolgirl, but also blurred the lines of what I thought would be a musical theatre production. At first, I was expecting a typical cheesy musical detailing the band’s backstory, but the show became a throwback to the Beatles’ magical mystery tour. I mentally begged the show to ‘Please please me‘ after the day I had.

Let It Be was like a “posh” person’s concert, where you were bound to your theatre seat yet encouraged by the cast to get up, wave your arms, twist and shout or simply boogie. The atmosphere of laughter, singsong and happiness was energising and enjoyable. For many audience members, I could see they were reliving their youth whilst I was laughing at their dance moves from afar. When I’m 64, I want to crack my bones into dance like the ladies around me. During the costume and set changes, I was transfixed to the television screens as they retold the hype and popularity of the band. I was totally clueless that this band packed out stadiums and made girls literally pass out.

let it be

The cast were all fantastic! Full of enthusiasm and their voices stretched to the max, performing song after song.  Mixture of belters and relaxing melodies to rock up and chill out the Garrwick Theatre. I thought Emanuele Angeletti was the spitting image of Paul McCartney- when there was mention of song requests, I immediately wanted to yell ‘FourFive Seconds’ in hope Rihanna and Kanye West would rock up (wishful thinking, right?). John Brosnan’s George Harrison tagged with long hair, beard and wearing denim on denim made me chuckle (Evidence below). Luke Robert’s Ringo was totally killing the drums, along with unexpected Les Mis moment of waving the nation’s flag. However, I was mainly drawn to Paul Canning’s John Lennon as he commanded the stage with a gracious spirit, rebellious wit and humorous weirdness. During the ‘Royal Variety Performance’, I loved Lennon’s famous line:

“Would the people in the cheaper seats clap your hands. And the rest of you, if you’ll just rattle your jewellery”.

let it be

You can’t fly solo to see Let It Be, it must be enjoyed with a companion, especially during the “I want to hold your hand” song. I would also like to repeat it’s not a musical, but a jukebox of Beatles songs with the occasional chat. Luckily, I had my theatre-loving friend, Caity, who gave me a Beatles crash course, but you would be pretty stumped if you aren’t a Beatles’ fan. Let It Be celebrates the love for a great British band and ensures you leave London with a Here-comes-the-sun‘s good vibe. It certainly showed with an audience dancing and demanding for MORE! MORE! Personally, I would take my old folks to see this show as a day tripper as I know they would appreciate the tribute more. However, it was certainly a show I was more than happy to tick off my list. With a little help from my friends, I was able to sleep with a smile on my face. I feel fine.

The End….okay I am just showing off now!

let it be

To book your tickets, check out the link here: http://www.letitbelive.com/tickets/


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